About Us

Heather & DarleneEstablished in 2003, our team is proud to be locally owned and operated by Darlene Losier and Heather MacKay, both Registered Physiotherapists and longtime residents of Caledonia.

We work in partnership with our clients to achieve good health and well-being for the individual and the whole community through exceptional one-on-one care and high-quality treatment.

What sets us apart is our commitment to the well being of our community through involvement in local events and sponsorship. We are proud to be your “Partners in Health”!

Our Facility

Come see our modern, picturesque 3400 square foot facility, located on the Grand River in Caledonia.

We have a spacious gym including stretching beds, a hand therapy station, 2 sets of pulleys including a sports pulley system for dynamic speed work, treadmill, recumbent and upright stationary bikes, mini-trampoline, balance boards as well as free weights.

We have 5 private assessment/treatment rooms, overlooking the Grand River for your relaxation and comfort. A massage therapy room is available for your massage needs. Caledonia Hot Yoga is also located within the facility.

Vision / Mission

  • We aim to be valued in our community as a leader in promoting optimal health, wellness and injury prevention.
  • We will earn our clients loyalty!
  • We will be an exceptional place to work and our team is committed to making a difference in our clients’ lives.
  • Our mission is to provide exceptional Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy and Pilates / Yoga services within our community.
  • We improve our clients’ quality of life by delivering a compassionate, personalized and professional experience.
  • Our team is committed to support each other and further their personal growth and development.
  • Our dynamic team works together to provide an environment where we exceed the needs and expectations of our clients.

Core Values


We commit ourselves 100% until we succeed. We are committed to the Vision, Mission, Core Values and success of Haldimand Physiotherapy Centre. We are committed to the team, our clients and community at all times.


We are responsible for the outcomes we produce. We are accountable for our actions and results and understand that they directly affect our team, clients and reputation. What we commit to is what we deliver. We maintain the confidentiality of our clients at all times.


We strive for excellence and consistency is every aspect of our work. We value time efficiency and productivity. We provide products and service of exceptional quality that add value to our clients. Client satisfaction is the focus of our service.


We speak positively of our fellow team members, clients and Haldimand Physiotherapy Centre in both public and private. We respect the voice of our team members and clients and listen and respond with genuine compassion. We discuss any concerns that we may have directly with the team member that can help us. We greet people using their name and engage in comfortable and meaningful conversation. We always apologize for any upsets first and then look for a solution.


We focus our thoughts, energy and attention on the successful outcome of whatever we are doing. We are committed to creating a win-win situation for the team and our clients. At all times we portray competence, a positive attitude and personal confidence.


We are strongly committed to personal and professional growth and development. We share our knowledge with other team members, our clients and our community. We value evidence-based practice and life long learning.

Team Work

We recognize the importance of our team. We are team players and team leaders. We focus on co-operation within our team and with our clients.


We create an atmosphere of fun and happiness for our team and our clients.


We follow current procedures and look to the systems in place for solutions with our daily tasks. We assist with implementing solutions to arising problems and suggest system improvements at our first opportunity. If a challenge arises we use a system correction before we look for a people correction.


We say thank-you and show appreciation often and in many ways, so that all around us know how much we appreciate everything and everyone we have in our lives. We celebrate our wins and the wins of our clients and team. We consistently catch ourselves and other people doing things right.

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