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The team at Haldimand Physiotherapy is happy to partner with Scarlett Deva Antaloczy-R.TCMP who specializes in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (abbreviated as TCM) . She brings her professionalism and diverse TCM experience to help you with all kinds of pain and stresses, by restoring balance of energy and harmonizing body, mind and spirit. Scarlett has been practicing for 10 years and is an author and educator in TCM.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has been used for thousands of years in China and has helped millions of people maintain wellness, balance and longevity. It is a natural form of treatment combining acupuncture, herbal remedies, tui’na therapeutic massage and proper nutrition to balance the yin and yang of the organs and the various systems – or contrary forces – in one’s system.

Benefits: Maintains and balances health, relieves pain, De-Stress, Prevention.

Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments may include one or more of the following techniques:


A highly valued method using the application of ultra-fine sterile, disposable needles to target particular points in the body with the aim of correcting the flow of energy, bringing about a change in the functions of the body, relieving pain, clearing and calming the mind and spirit.

Cosmetic Acupuncture

An insertion of sterilized, disposable needles into particular areas of the face and body to manipulate the movement of Qi or energy according to individual needs.


The burning fo moxa sticks made from the wool of the Mugwort plant on acupuncture point or on broad areas of the body to achieve specific healing effects by stimulating the point or area.


A partial vacuum is created in a cupping jar, which is applied directly to the skin; the underlying tissue is drawn up into the jar forming an area of blood stasis. Helps to detoxify and relieve pain.

Chinese Herbal Medicine/ Nutrition

Focuses on restoring the natural balance to maintain optimal health thereby helping to strengthen the immune system and the prevention of disease. A variety of products, herbs and teas are used in different combinations to help restore balance to the body.

*Many extended Health Plans cover Traditional Chinese Medicine- check yours to see if you are covered today!


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