Student Placements

We are committed to teaching and mentorship within the healthcare system. We continue to support healthcare education by being involved in student learning placements for high school co-ops, Physiotherapy Programs, Kinesiology Programs, Physiotherapy Assistant Programs, Medical Reception and Digital Social Media and Marketing.

Thank you for providing me with an invaluable learning experience. I have had such a positive experience returning home to spend my summer placement at Haldimand Physiotherapy.

I have worked in several strong teams during my placement in Waterloo and England, but they have not compared to how positive and cohesive the team at Haldimand Physio is. It is an invaluable asset of a team to be so willing educate each other and grow together. It has been a pleasure to be a part of this team.

I greatly appreciated how every single staff member was always so generous their time to support my learning (and always with a smile on their face!). I am particularly thankful for the balance of independent vs shadowing opportunities you provided as it has significantly raised my confidence levels to assess, clinically reason and develop and intervention plan. I feel significantly more prepared to begin my last 2 placements and to prepare for a career in MSK.

You have created an extremely positive and welcoming environment for staff, students and the community in Caledonia.

Madelaine, Physiotherapy Placement

My time at Haldimand Physio Centre was excellent and more than I could have asked for from a placement site. The entire staff is very open, generous, and to anyone who walks through their doors!

Haldimand Physio’s organizational sttructure and flexibility for students allowed me to learn at my pace and challenged me to gain independence and confidence as a future healthcare professional. Each staff member took the time to support my learning and allowed me to take the lead when I felt comfortable. Reflecting on my time, I have never felt so supported, heard, and validated.

The team is robust, reliable, and passionate about prioritizing client care. They go above and beyond to ensure that they provide individualized care to clients and their needs. The team takes time to listen, learn, and advocate for their clients!

My placement taught me valuable interpersonal skills and professional mannerisms that I have taken to my studies in the Masters of Occupational Therapy program. I will always cherish my time Haldimand Physiotherapy Centre.

Maddie, Kinesiology Placement

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