Virtual Physiotherapy

Haldimand Physiotherapy’s Online Physiotherapy Experts

Our physiotherapists are experienced in providing care through virtual video consultations. This type of physiotherapy can be very effective and can simply be done with a computer, tablet or smart-phone.

Virtual TherapyWhether you have barriers that make it difficult to leave your home or work, limitations with your time or simply prefer the convenience of care on your terms, connect with one of our registered physiotherapists to help get you feeling better.

Our video conferencing is secure and user friendly.  All you will need is either your laptop with a camera, or a smartphone or tablet with a camera and a reliable internet connection is necessary.

With Virtual Video Sessions, We Can:

  • Take a complete history to provide an accurate diagnosis
  • Examine range of motion and movements
  • Perform a functional movement examination
  • Evaluate strength
  • Prescribe exercises and stretches – with supporting photos/videos to be sent to you by email.
  • Correct exercise form and provide cues to perform them more effectively
  • Provide and refine self joint mobilization techniques
  • Provide and refine self directed soft tissue treatment techniques
  • Provide a full rehab plan to follow in your own environment
  • Educate patients on their injury or condition
  • Help train another person to assist you with exercises or stretches

Sessions may be offered in clinic, virtual or a hybrid of both depending on your needs.  Covered under most extended health plans.  Give us a call to discuss and book your next appointment at 905-765-5449.

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