Work Place Injuries (WSIB)

Physiotherapy For WSIB Claims

It’s not uncommon for Ontario workers to seek physiotherapy treatment after suffering an injury while at work. Many patients are covered under the provincial Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) regulations. However to qualify for the coverage, the accident needs to be reported to your employer and a report filed as soon as possible. Of course, the employer will need to be registered with the WSIB.

At Haldimand Physiotherapy, we are a registered service provider for WSIB claims and will be able to provide you with information on how to access our many healthcare services. Our goal is to assist you and make the entire process as simple as can be. It’s also possible for a patient to have the WISB review an old claim if you feel you need treatment for a previous injury. You will need to contact the adjudicator and let them know your condition has changed and further treatment is required. In this case, you may be asked to see a physician for a referral.

How The Process Works

If you have reported a workplace injury to your employer you will also need to fill in a Form 6, which is different than the original incident report that was given to your employer. A Form 6 can be acquired at work or from the WSIB website. Patients then have six months from the time of the report to claim benefits. Some people prefer to visit a doctor or hospital first while others go directly to a physiotherapist. Since physiotherapy is recognized as a primary health care profession in the province of Ontario, patients don’t need the referral of a physician to receive the necessary treatment.

Patients will receive a WSIB claim number as well as contact information for a WSIB adjudicator who will be looking after the claim. At Haldimand Physiotherapy, our team will gladly assist you during the WSIB process and help you with each step to make sure the proper paperwork is filled in.

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