Custom Orthotics / Compression Stockings

Custom Orthotics

Discover the transformative power of custom-made orthotics by Erin Kesler, Canadian Certified Pedorthist. Designed to address a wide range of conditions, our orthotics are your key to relieving pain, correcting abnormalities, and reclaiming optimal foot health.

From plantar fasciitis and heel pain to hyper pronation and flat feet, bunions, osteoarthritis, diabetic neuropathy, and leg length discrepancies, our orthotic devices offer targeted support and alignment to restore your foot’s functional strength.

Experience the blissful sensation of offloaded tissues and enhanced stability, as Erin tailors these specialized aids to your unique needs.

Compression Stockings for Medical Conditions

Compression Stockings
Unlock the potential of compression therapy to conquer circulatory challenges and find respite for your lower limbs.

Compression stocking can effectively manage swelling and edema resulting from post-surgical interventions, injuries, chronic venous insufficiency, diabetes, pregnancy, varicose veins, and spider veins. By effectively eliminating stored fluids in your lower limbs, we alleviate discomfort, fortify your skin’s strength, and combat sensory loss (neuropathy) and muscular weakness.

Embrace diligent use of compression therapy and witness a remarkable improvement in your symptoms, enhancing your overall comfort and well-being.

Compression Stockings for Athletes

Compression Stockings for Athletes
Compression stockings have become a popular choice among athletes seeking to enhance their performance and aid in recovery. These specially designed stockings apply graduated pressure to the legs, promoting increased blood circulation and reducing muscle vibration during physical activity. Athletes benefit from compression stockings as they help improve oxygen delivery to muscles, enhance muscle stability, and reduce the risk of injury and muscle fatigue.

Additionally, these stockings assist in the removal of metabolic waste products, such as lactic acid, which can lead to muscle soreness and delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). With their ergonomic design and advanced fabric technology, compression stockings have become a valuable tool for athletes looking to optimize their performance and accelerate post-workout recovery.

Erin Kesler

Erin Kesler

B. Kin (Hons), C. Ped (C) 697C
Owner of Erin Kesler Pedorthics
Foot-Knee-Back Clinic

Erin Kesler has over 16 years of experience in the pedorthic world. She takes pride in providing her patients with truly custom hand made orthotics, everything from casting to covering, at her home lab.

Prior to becoming a pedorthist, Erin graduated with a Bachelors of Kinesiology from Brock University.

Growing up she was a competitive figure skater. This helped allow her to understand firsthand the importance of proper body biomechanics which she puts into practice every day as a pedorthist.

Erin specialties include ustom handmade foot orthotics, custom and non-custom knee bracing, compression therapy, orthopaedic footwear and custom modifications and custom-made toe spacers.

She is very passionate about changing the discussion around foot orthotics, and aims to educate her patients so they are armed with the tools to help them live their lives more comfortably.

Erin Kesler
Kin (Hons), C. Ped (C) 697C
Owner of Erin Kesler Pedorthics
Foot-Knee-Back Clinic

Clinic: 905-304-6556
Cell: 905-920-3124

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